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Left Foot Accelerator +

Left Foot Accelerator

The Twin Flip Left Foot Accelorator  is an adaptation designed for people that cannot use their right leg to drive, it enables an accelorator pedal to be fliped down on the left of the brake. In doing so, the one on the right flips up out of the way and visa versa. (see below)

(This system can only be installed in cars without a clutch)
twin flip Left Foot Accelerator

The Floor Mounted Left Foot Accelerator simply adds another pedal on the left that operates the original pedal directly, it has a quick release system that takes a few seconds to remove and replace.

quick release floor mounted left foot accelerator
Left Foot Accelerator - floor mounted quick release 

The Electronic Left Foot Accellerator is mostly used on cars fitted with an organ type pedal and are 'drive by wire' systems.  A second identicle pedal is adapted and fitted on the left of the brake. only one pedal operates at a time and they are alternated between by a switch mounted near the driver... 


Pedal Guards...

Pedal Guards come in a few options, they're all removable, the one
bellow is a quick release, ideal if your changing drivers frequently!

Quick release pedal guard
Pedal Guard

Pedal Extentions...

Menox Stamps (false floor) and Menox Mini-stamps


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