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Hand Controls

what types of Hand Controls are available to me?

The Basic hand controls are a simple push to brake and pull to accelerate, these are the most common and economical choice.
Or you could go for Hand Controls that use an electronic accelerator system, this comes in many styles, most commonly is the over ring, or under ring, you simply push or pull some rings to engage the throttle, all have a lever to push for braking.

Left Foot Accelerators

What types of Pedal Transfers are available to me?

There are different types of Pedal transfers, the 'Twin Flip Left Foot Accelerator' is a system that replaces the original pedal and simply requires the user to pull down whichever pedal they require, the un-required pedal then folds away as you do so.

Alternatively you can have a system that bolts to the floor and has an accelerator to the left of the brake that when pushed, in turn pushes down on the right accelerator pedal,
The unit can be detached from the floor plate so to be driven normaly and easily replaced in about 10 seconds.

Wheelchair / Scooter Hoists

How do I go about choosing the right hoist for me?

Firstly, you need to see if your scooter or chair fits in your boot, and there is enough space to lift it up high enough to clear the ridge with a three inch clearance from the roof as it passes over the highest point, once you know that this is o.k. you need to find out the weight of your scooter in kgs, as you will need a hoist strong enough to lift it or any other scooter that you may buy in the future. 
You should also consider if you need a 2-way (motorised up and down) or 4-way (motorised In and Out as well as up and Down) this is needed if you have difficulty maintaining balance or are not particularly strong as a 2-way can be physically challenging when the car is parked on a slope.
The heavier the chair, the stronger the Hoist required, The stronger the Hoist, the more it will cost. you will probably need your scooter/chair adapted to be able to lift it with a hoist, this costs £55.00, you may also want a 'Tie Down' this secures the chair to the floor and cost varies between £50.00 and £150.00 depending on type.


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