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Boot Hoists...

There are a few different types of boot hoists, these vary quite a lot in style and weight capability, they all come with power up and down(2-way), but some come with a power in and out(4-way) option, this is advisable if you have more severe difficulties, especialy if your chair/scooter is heavy.

Here's a basic guide to help you choose the right hoist...

Firstly, you need a hoist capable of safely lifting your chair, so find out the weight of the chair/scooter that you will be loading into the vehicle, be careful as the technical specifications in the manual do not always include the batteries or seat and these are heavy parts, so make sure it's the total weight of the chair/scooter with batteries and seat unless your prepared to take them off to load, although you may have to if the car is small.
(if your planning or may be getting a bigger scooter at a later date, it may be an idea to bear that in mind when choosing your hoist)

Secondly, you need to make sure that the chair/scooter isn't too tall to go into your boot, it must have enough height above for the hoist boom and hook-up mechanism.
To find out, fold the seat down and anything else that can be folded down, and messure the height, a three inch gap above the scooter will be required for the hoist arm and hook-up.
If it's a scooter, there may not be enough room for the seat to stay on, sometimes the only way to know for sure is to try it after the hoist has been installed, but we'll do everything we can to make it so that you don't have to take the seat off.

Thirdly, a 2-way hoist means that it is electric up/down only, you have to manualy push and pull the scooter in & out of the car, this can be difficult for the less foot sturdy operator, especialy if the car is on a slope, a 4-way hoist is equiped with electricaly operated in/out as well as up/down.

Finally, the 4-way hoist still requires guidance, so if you need a hoist that will lift the chair and place it in your boot with out any guidance, you will need the telescopic hoist, it lifts 120kg and once the two clips are connected, one button does it all exept shut the boot, although we can adapt that too, but that's another adaptation.

Please call all us if you have any questions.
(with the chair/scooter and car details if possible)

 Brig-ayd 40kg Hoist                                         Brig-ayd 75-150kg Hoist
 wheelchair hoistScooter Hoist

Brig-ayd Telescopic Hoist - 120kg

Telescopic Hoist

Autochair Hoist (larger selection available)
Scooter Hoist

We also install Tie-downs to secure your chair in the event of an accident.

Person Hoist...

This hoist is designed for lifting people (with the use of a body sling) out of wheelchairs electrically and allowing them to be manualy swung into the vehicle easily and lowered onto the seat.
They are designed to lift people up to 17.5st,
but can be upgraded to lift 21st if required.

Milford                                                              Brig-ayd
Person HoistPerson Hoist

Price on application

Roof Top Chair Stowage systems

The ChairTopper
Rooftop Box

Swivel Seats...

These come in several versions incorperating different features,
and have many optional extras, electric/manual, tilting, armrests, footrests, child seats, support cushions, etc.
Swivel SeatSwivel and Drop Seat

Tip Up Plate...

This device helps people to stand up by raising them
up and down whilst they sit on the fold down pad.

Auto Adapt Tip Up Plate

                       Brig-ayd    Elap

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