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Hand Controls...              

Push/Pull Hand Control systems
Hand ControlsHand ControlsJeff Gosling Hand Controls

We install many diferent makes of hand controls (jeff Gosling, Brig-ayd, Cowling, etc), more commonly the 'push/pull' brake and accelerator system as seen above, we also install hand controls with electronic accelerator controls, such as the under ring or over ring which operates the accelerator with the brake remaining a push lever system. 

All available with an indicator switch and/or main beam 'n' flash switch.
Please phone if you have any questions.

Various Alternative Accelerator and brake systems
Various Hand ControlsGuido Simplex Hand Controls with ring accelerator


       and more

Most hand controls come with the option of an indicator switch situated on top of, or near the handle, this varies a lot in price depending on whether the cars electrical system is multiplex/Cambus or not, If you tell us the car we can find out for you!

Other Products commonly associated with Hand controls...

Steering Balls (insurance company acceptable)... 

These assist the use of one handed steering and gives you more control whilst  manouvering. They come as 'Fixed' or 'Quick Release'  this means it can be partially removed to allow for drivers that do not require a steering ball.

Standard/Fixed steering ball
Jeff Gosling steering ball

Pedal Guards...

This prevents the driver from inadvertently kicking the pedals whilst
driving with hand controls, the stop plate can be removed in seconds to allow other drivers to use the vehicle.

Quick release Pedal Guard 
quick release pedal guard
(also available with a large base plate to avoid drilling holes in the car floor) 

We can also adapt most accelerator pedals to flip up out of
the way to give hand control users more room for their foot.


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